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“In the law, common sense doesn’t always work, and can even mislead. Knowledge is what lies between you and a costly mistake. Good lawyers don’t know everything, but great lawyers recognize that and desire to learn more about the law. I continually research difficult issues and relish finding the right theory. Every time I discover a legal myth, find an exception to a rule, or learn something new, it reinforces the value of relying on the law instead of common sense. Legal research is an art that requires immense concentration, understanding of how legal databases are constructed and what terms to search in a particular situation. That’s my passion. I enjoy my work and find great satisfaction producing results that benefit my clients. The practice of law gives me the opportunity to do just that.”

Mitchell Sens was born in Brooklyn, New York and has lived in South Florida since 1977. He has been practicing law since 1993, focusing on protecting people and their businesses from creditors. Mitchell is an experienced bankruptcy lawyer, assisting his clients with chapters 7, 11 and 13 bankruptcy. He also has experience in garnishment defense, judgment lien defense, asset protection and general credit issues. Mitchell has represented creditors as well, which gives him insight into creditors threats; which threats are real, and which threats are merely illusions.

Mitchell earned his Juris Doctor degree from Florida State University in 1993, after receiving a Business degree from the University of Florida. He is a member of the Florida Bar and the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

Mitchell considers bankruptcy to be a uniquely dangerous field of law. Bankruptcy forms appear simple. Mitch’s experience and knowledge of the law helps to identify hidden complexities and provides an honest, thorough assessment of whether or not bankruptcy is advisable, or even necessary. There are often-unknown options that provide ways for clients to protect themselves from judgments, focus on necessities rather than their debts and, ultimately, negotiate better settlements.

To help clients dispel the myths and understand their options, Mitchell explains the law so that his clients understand where they are protected and where they are vulnerable. They can use that understanding to make informed, legally sound decisions. For clients who decide to file bankruptcy, Mitchell takes them through the entire process, anticipating problems in advance. After bankruptcy, he can advise them on how to best restore their FICO, Beacon and Empirica credit scores. When bankruptcy isn’t an option, Mitchell helps to properly structure financial affairs to reduce the risk of harm from future, unforeseen creditors.

A detailed approach is what gives Mitchell the ability to discover solutions where others could not. In the law, answers are not always apparent. Sometimes it takes outside-the-box thinking or the use of arcane, rarely-used theories which only reveal themselves through legal research.

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